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Even if you have never heard about the quiet island of Nevis in the West Indies- you probably have heard about its most popular beach bar, Sunshine's. Famous for his tasty rum punch drink, The Killer Bee , and the best food on the island, Sunshine's has been the most prominent tourist attraction in Nevis for over 12 years. No visit is complete without a stop in at Sunshine's where you can meet the legend himself, Sunshine. While the legend will chat about almost anything- he is quite secretive about the exact ingredients in the Killer Bees. "First there's some rum, then some passion fruit juice," he says. "Then some more rum."

Open seven days a week for lunch, dinner, dancing and drinking- you have no excuse not to visit! His menu consists of a variety of tasty BBQ dishes including fresh, local lobster and fish, shrimp, chicken and ribs. Sunshine also makes delicious salads utilizing the bounty of vegetables and fruits grown right here in Nevis. Open daily at 11am, Sunshine and his staff will keep the bar hopping and the music cranking until the early morning hours- so long as the guests are happy and the killer bees are keeping everyone buzzing!



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