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The British governed St. Kitts and Nevis prior to the two islands gaining their independence in 1983. A lasting imprint of this ruling body is that the Nevisians drive on the left side of the road. As it is a small island, certain driving rules do not apply. Goats, sheep and donkeys use the main road as their own. Be prepared that locals often stop in the road to catch up with a friend spotted on the roadside and that driving speeds range from crawling to racing. Hitchhiking is very common on the island as many rely on public transportation and free lifts to get them to and from. Taxis are also available for island tours or transportation to restaurants, town or airport. There are several car rentals available on the island including TDC Car Rental, Striker's, Noel's and Hertz.

There are several grocery stores on Nevis including Ram's, Superfoods and Best Buy. Ram's is closed on Sundays. The local market is on Tuesday in Charlestown and features a variety of local fruits and vegetables as well as products from the neighboring island of Dominica. Mansa's Last Stop, located at Cade's Bay, is another popular place to get fresh fruits and vegetables and share a cold beer with the Rasta owner, Mansa.

New villas and residential areas are proof that the charm of Nevis has been discovered. The government continues to make efforts to keep the natural beauty of the island in tact. You will not find any fast food chains, discount outlets, or 24-hour pharmacies. But that is why you come to Nevis- to get away from the everyday norms and relax. Nevis allows you to turn off the cell phones and computers and tune into the sound of the Caribbean Sea's soft waves.

Come visit our tranquil island and experience it for yourself. You will leave wondering why it took you so long to get here!

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